A Revolutionary Way of Sourcing Assembly and Inspection Equipment for Mid- and Low-Volume Manufacturing

At Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD), we offer cutting-edge modular assembly and inspection cells we’ve designed to revolutionize your manufacturing processes. Our cells integrate seamlessly into your production line, streamlining assembly and ensuring meticulous inspection standards for optimal quality control. With our versatile and adaptable solutions, you can experience heightened efficiency, reduced downtime, and superior product quality.

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Modular Assembly and Inspection Cells

Our Approach

We understand that flexibility is paramount in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape. AMD engineers our modular assembly and inspection cells for easy customizability, allowing for efficient reconfiguration and adaptation to varying production requirements. With standardized layouts and interchangeable fixtures, our cells empower you to swiftly adjust your assembly and inspection operations, enhancing your overall production efficiency.

Key Features

Modular assembly and inspection cells from AMD feature a range of capabilities for optimizing your processes. These include:

  • Adaptability. Increase versatility in your manufacturing process. We design our modular cells to accommodate diverse assembly and inspection needs, providing a flexible framework for customization.
  • Efficiency. Experience streamlined operations with our cells, optimized for rapid and precise assembly processes, as well as thorough and reliable inspection procedures.
  • Interchangeable fixtures. Move from one process to another with ease. Our cells allow you to swiftly interchange fixtures, enabling a seamless transition between different assembly and inspection tasks.
  • Quality control. Ensure impeccable product quality with our robust inspection capabilities integrated directly into the assembly process, minimizing the risk of defects and ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards.


These advantageous cells offer a host of benefits for assembly and inspection operations. They deliver:

  • Flexible scalability. Scale your manufacturing operations efficiently with our easily configurable assembly and inspection cells, ensuring a seamless adaptation to your changing production demands.
  • Reduced downtime. Minimize downtime and optimize production schedules with our cells’ swift reconfigurability and hassle-free maintenance protocols.
  • Lower Cost.
  • Increased productivity. Maximize your production output and minimize operational bottlenecks with our efficient and adaptable assembly and inspection cells.
  • Enhanced quality assurance. Rely on our precision-driven inspection modules to maintain stringent quality control measures and deliver products that meet the highest standards.


Our modular assembly and inspection cells cater to various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical devices

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