Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD) was founded in Houston, Texas in January 2020 through the joint commitment of a team of US and international engineers with decades of experience. With more than 25 years experience, more than 100 highly trained engineers, and technicians on our team, and more than 1500 projects completed, we have developed from individual assembly stations to complete manufacturing lines, 100% automated equipment and high-speed stations (up to 100ppm).


Create cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of our customers with the highest standards in quality, design and functionality.



To be the North America leader company in automation and assembly, exceeding the expectations of our customers with balance in quality, cost and technological level.

Automated Solutions from AMD

Who We Have Worked With

Every project at AMD is unique to each clients needs, with whom we work closely to ensure that we develop what they envision.

Our Experience:

AMDs team of professionals possess in-depth knowledge of all assembly components and help clients deliver quality products.



Vision Systems




Design Department

More than 18 Mechanical engineers are dedicated to the analysis and design of our machines to guarantee the functionality and security.

Quality Control

At AMD we have a Team of engineers dedicated to guarantee the quality of our subproducts, products and services.

Welding Shop and Painting

Area where the construction of the solid bases for the machines are carried out and painted in our paint booth.

Machining Workshop

Best-in-class in-house machining shop and quality department with over 20 CNC machines that manufactures more than 95% of every machined component we use & machining components to third parties.

Assembly Area

An area of 845 m2 is available to assemble all the components of the machine and perform the necessary tests before we deliver the machine to the customer.

Control Department

About 25 control engineers are responsible for the electrical design and programming of the machines and their components.

Serving All North America

US Headquarters

10330 Lake Rd
Suite F 6 |
Houston, TX 77070

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At AMD, we specialize in creating cutting-edge manufacturing for our customers. Designed and built to the highest standards of quality, design, and functionality, they help improve safety, reliability, and profitability. To learn more about our automated solutions and how they can benefit you, contact us today.

Contact the Automated Solution Experts at AMD Today