Aerospace and Defense Industry

The United States leads the world in aerospace and defense technology. A small group of advanced manufacturers are responsible for developing, designing, and manufacturing innovative solutions for the industry. These contributions include cutting-edge defense capabilities, space technology, and highly developed aircraft. 

At Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD), we specialize in the custom- built assembly machines and assembly lines for the manufacturing of parts for ships, aircraft, and any device. Our automation expertise allows us to reduce the time and cost of producing part-specific mechanical components like switches, and connectors for the aerospace and defense industry. AMD’s expertise in delivering custom assembly solutions to the industry and a vast catalog of automation machinery helps us provide turnkey solutions to small and large-scale manufacturers.


AMD Aerospace & Defense Industry Components

At Advanced Manufacturing Development, we rely on years of expertise in designing specialty manufacturing equipment and assembly lines. Our experts regularly deliver optimized solutions for producing switches, connectors, harnesses, and a range of components for the aerospace and defense industry.

A switch is a simple device for opening and closing the connection of a circuit. Pressure switches are a type of switch present in any modern aircraft for turning systems on and off. They are vital to various aircraft functions, including cabin comfort controls, propulsion, water, lubrication, fuel, instrumentation, and indicators used in flight control. As aircraft manufacturers push the limits of fuel performance and flight length, pressure switches become crucial to improving reliability and efficiency.

Connectors ensure that two parts of a circuit remain in contact. They maintain a connection between electrical devices with optimal safety, performance, and reliability. Connectors are fundamental to weaponry, grounding systems, avionics, propulsion, and control systems in the aerospace and defense sector. Aerospace engineers design connectors that perform under the stresses and harsh conditions of flight. 

Harnesses are assemblies for wires or cables that facilitate the transmission of electrical power or signals. They are a versatile and flexible solution that saves time and money when installing components like avionics. Harnesses rely on meaningful input from the customer during the design and manufacturing phase to precisely meet client specifications. Significant technical research and certification are also critical to ensure the assembly will guarantee optimal performance.

At AMD, we rely on the strictest standards when providing general assembly machines for the aerospace and defense industry. Our exhaustive inspections yield the highest reliability and a final product that meets the client’s drawing and contractual specifications.

Automate Your Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing With AMD

At Advanced Manufacturing Development, we specialize in building custom assembly solutions for a wide range of industries. We offer various machines in our catalog and can custom design and engineer machines for any specialized assembly process. Our team has the expertise to evaluate your specific needs and develop a plan for the execution of your automation project. We have implemented the launch of production plants in North America for over two decades. Our team can also provide support for small and large manufacturers after the launch.

AMD’s capabilities allow us to implement automation systems for high and small-volume manufacturing facilities, from a single station to vast assembly lines. We also provide turnkey solutions for automating highly complex tasks, delivering a higher return on investment by eliminating complicated manual assembly processes.

AMD’s Aerospace & Defense Automation Solutions

The aerospace and defense industry depends on rigorously tested, high-quality, and reliable equipment for critical applications. The industry uses harnesses, connections, switches, and components to deliver performance under the harshest conditions. Automating assembly lines and manufacturing equipment lowers production costs while improving process safety, part quality, and productivity.

At Advanced Manufacturing Development, we develop automated assembly equipment for automating processes from single-station assembly lines to complete manufacturing systems. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we are North America’s leader in custom-built assembly and automation with branches extending to Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. We rely on cutting-edge technology, nearly 25 years of experience, and 100 trained technicians and engineers to deliver the highest quality automation systems for the aerospace and defense industry. To learn how we can improve your productivity, request a quote today.