Automation enables various control systems and equipment to perform tasks automatically, with minimal or no human intervention. Examples of industrial automation equipment include robots, conveyors, automation cells, and special turn-over and lifter machinery. Industrial automation has become a modern trend for aerospace, defense, automotive sectors, and in all types of manufacturing and is responsible for increasing production output and flexibility, lowering operating costs, enabling consistent production, and improving worker safety.

At Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD), we specialize in customized assembly equipment and automated solutions to support safe, profitable, and reliable operations for our clients. This page will cover numerous industries that can utilize and benefit from industrial automation equipment.

Aerospace & Defense

Automation EquipmentAerospace and defense are among the most prominent industries utilizing automation equipment, with the U.S. a global leader in technology for this sector. Automation equipment manufacturers like AMD focus on innovative ideation and production to develop cutting-edge aerospace and defense aircraft and other advancements. The team at AMD specializes in designing and manufacturing customized assembly lines and machinery for the production of different components used in everything from ships to aircraft. We capitalize on our automation expertise in our processes to generate:

  • Switches
    Switches complete the simple operation of opening or closing a circuit connection to turn systems on and off. Pressure switches are essential in efficiently and dependably controlling various aircraft operations, such as propulsion, cabin comfort controls, lubrication, fuel and water dispensing, instrumentation, and flight-control indicators.
  • Connectors
    Connectors join circuitry components, creating connections within electrical devices for improved performance, reliability, and safety. Designed to maintain functionality even under the harsh environmental conditions and stresses of flight, connectors are essential in weaponry, avionics, grounding systems, propulsion, and control systems in this industry.
  • Harnesses
    A harness is an assembly for cables or wires that enables the transmission of electrical signals and power. It is a flexible solution that is both cost-efficient and time-saving for avionics installations. We have the capability to custom design and manufacture harnesses to spec.

The industry relies on inspected, high-performance equipment that will operate reliably. That’s why at AMD, our assembly machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure aerospace and defense clients receive quality assembly machinery.

Automotive & Auto Parts

Incorporating industrial automation equipment in producing vehicles and auto components has become a game-changer for leading manufacturers. They can make design and fabrication changes quickly and easily by reprogramming an automated system. With this flexibility, manufacturers can adapt to changing market conditions and requirements. Among other advantages, automation allows manufacturers to improve product quality, increase capacity, and reduce the risk of bottlenecks.

A car has thousands of parts, making it hard for the human workforce to complete production and assembly. These parts also need to meet stringent standards, hence the need for repeatable, precision automation processes. Automation is also ideal for spot and arc welding. Car manufacturers use robots with extended reach capabilities for welding vehicle body panels, and smaller versions for welding subassemblies like brackets and mounts. Robotic arms can also carry out assembly applications, including wheel mounting and windshield installation without deviating from customer specifications. Automated robots from AMD can also handle assembly for center consoles, door hinges, headrests, and more.


Continuous increases in the consumer demand for household appliances have driven appliance manufacturers to look for ways to boost their supply without compromising product quality or raising production costs. As a solution, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have incorporated industrial automation equipment in their operations. Automation technology has improved productivity and flexibility while lowering labor costs because there is little human involvement. Automation equipment can perform stamping, painting, machining, assembling, and testing functions. Manufacturers use automation to produce small appliances such as toasters, blenders, irons, vacuums, fans, and humidifiers/dehumidifiers as well as larger appliances like washers, stoves, and refrigerators. AMD uses bending or assembly manufacturing processes to generate parts for such applications.

Even on manual assembly stations where making the process automatic is not a viable solution because of economic constraints, technology can be used to verify and validate every step in the assembly process to guarantee the compliance with the quality specifications of the final product.

Components for household appliances are often injection-molded, which is an ideal opportunity to incorporate robotic technology. In a workcell for plastic injection molding, robots can effectively grasp a sprue and runner assembly to take a finished component out of a mold. Robots are ideal for this rather than dumping parts from a mold because those components can be very delicate. Automated robotic workcells can handle the production of a wide range of appliance components, including fluid pumps, electrical power systems, electronic control modules, lighting, and tubing systems.

Industrial Automation Equipment

Electrical & Electronic Devices

The electrical industry involves building infrastructure, mapping cities, and energy production and utilization. Automation is significant in this industry as it improves safety, reliability, and profitability. It also offers high-performance engineering solutions, including robotics, wire and cable assembly, parts handling and orienting, vision inspection, and quality control.

Two more areas in which automation is useful are assembly and testing. Automated equipment can handle assembly tasks like trimming and connecting parts. Automated testing involves executing all needed inspections of a product or device, including measurements and adherence to standard parameters and specs, with high levels of accuracy and without human handling or interaction. At AMD, our expert team has developed a quality control test that checks for proper functionality in circuit boards and electrical components. Vision systems and their accompanying cameras interact with smart sensors to monitor processes.

Healthcare & Medical

Automation is also crucial in healthcare, especially assembly applications, to create various components that form a medical device. Some medical instruments are simple to put together, while others are complex. AMD can custom-design assembly solutions for products like syringes, catheters, surgical tools, and COVID-19 test cases.

Due to rising sterilization costs, it is increasingly common for medical devices to be disposable. This aids in risk management in medical facilities. We construct our automation solutions utilizing special materials that provide a clean environment, eliminate contamination concerns, and prevent rust.

An Automation Equipment Manufacturer You Can Trust

Automation is becoming the go-to solution in virtually all industries. Not only does it decrease production costs by reducing human labor, but it also promotes efficiency and consistent production. Choosing a trusted custom automation equipment manufacturer like Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD) can help you achieve these goals. At AMD, we have over 24 years of experience creating cutting-edge, turnkey automation solutions with high-quality designs and functionality for small- or large-scale manufacturers. We also offer machining services to complement our automation capabilities, and AMD manufactures over 95% of the components that make up our automation solutions.

To learn more about our services and how we can support your operation, contact us today or request a quote for your automation needs.