AMD Machines is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge custom assembly solutions that meet the precise needs of customers while adhering to the highest standards of design, functionality, and quality. We offer custom automated medical assembly lines and machines for the healthcare industry to enhance productivity, boost efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Healthcare Assembly

Healthcare AssemblyMedical assembly involves putting together various components to develop medical devices. Since the nature of medical machines and instruments varies significantly, assembly requires expertise and special attention to detail. Some devices are easy to assemble, while others need complex tools, equipment, and products. At AMD, our custom assembly solutions can be tailored to meet the specifications of our customer’s specific healthcare applications. 

Examples of medical devices that our solutions can assemble include:

  • Syringes
  • Surgical Equipment
  • COVID-19 test cases
  • Catheter Assemblies
  • And more

Benefits Of Disposable Medical Instruments

Disposable medical devices have become necessary components of every medical, dental, and veterinary practice due to increasing costs of reprocessing and sterilization. Nowadays, leading medical centers and hospitals are using disposable medical instruments due to the endless benefits, such as:

  • Prevents decontamination
  • Improves risk management
  • Enables seamless traceability
  • Eliminates overflow of inventory
  • Reduces costs 
  • Decreases impact on our environment

At AMD, we can deliver custom assembly solutions capable of assembling disposable medical devices and instruments.

Medical Equipment Assembly

Medical Equipment AssemblyThe assembly of medical equipment is similar to that of any other product. When a high volume of medical assemblies is required, automation ensures a clean environment and high levels of quality. At AMD, our custom automated assembly solutions adhere to the highest quality and functionality standards. Our advanced assembly lines and machines cater to high-volume requirements with minimal involvement of human workers, resulting in greater flexibility, enhanced productivity, and cost-efficiency. 

Our machines are built using special materials to prevent contamination and rusting. To meet the needs of various healthcare applications, our medical assembly capabilities include the following:

  • Pick & place
  • PLC control
  • Automated testing solutions
  • Robotics
  • Assembly and testing
  • Run a large quantity to ensure the production
  • Automated feeding systems such as bowl feeding
  • Vision inspection 
  • Machine building and integration
  • Machine and process control
  • Project management

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    Healthcare Assembly


Healthcare Automation with AMD

AMD specializes in custom-built machines for a range of industries, including healthcare. If our catalog does not have the specific machine you require for your process, we can develop a custom engineered solution based on your requirements and specifications. Our assembly solutions can be used to assemble everything from syringes and catheter components to COVID-19 test cases and other disposable medical devices. AMD can handle the execution, launch, and support of your automation project, no matter how large or small.

To meet various healthcare needs, we can design and implement small-scale automation systems ideal for low production as well as large systems capable of handling complex, high-volume tasks. When you switch from manual to automated medical assembly, your production facilities gain a competitive edge while maintaining optimal quality and productivity. This is extremely important with today’s growing demand for healthcare services. 

For more information about our custom healthcare assembly solutions, contact the experts at AMD or request a quote today.