State-of-the-art electric motors are a key component of top-performing electric vehicles (EVs). The rotor and the stator are primary components of the electric motor and have traditionally been a challenge for manufacturers to assemble and inspect at scale. Automation is vital to improving the cost-effectiveness, quality, and consistency of electric motors, stators, and rotors.

AMD has completed over 1,500 automation projects, from single automated assembly stations to fully automated high-speed assembly lines. We create state-of-the-art robotics and automation solutions to improve the productivity of facilities and plants in various industries. Our custom machines can enhance the safety, efficiency, and consistency of electric motor assembly and final inspection.

The Importance of Automated Assembly for Rotors, Stators, and Electric Motors

Rising EV performance demands and production volumes require manufacturers to fully automate assembly processes to cost-effectively deliver high-quality components. Rotor and stator manufacturers will need to rely on complete automation solutions to achieve increased profitability and win future projects.

Assembly of these components can present challenges due to tighter tolerances, especially as OEMs attempt to cost-effectively scale production. Automation can enhance rotor and stator manufacturing and inspection, allowing machines to assemble:

  • Rotors
  • Stators
  • Insert Magnets
  • T-cores
  • Create the laminated stacks

Our systems can also inspect for debris, perpendicularity, parallelism, concentricity, and height.

Rotor and Stator Assembly

An electric motor consists of two primary components: the stationary stator, which generates a magnetic field, and the rotor, which rotates due to the magnetic field. Assembly and inspection of these components require custom-tailored automation solutions. AMD’s custom automation solutions efficiently assemble and inspect the dimensions of rotors and stators according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Benefits of Electric Motor Assembly

An electric vehicle’s reliability depends on individual components’ safety. Manufacturers can deliver components with exceptional safety by using fully automated assembly processes for electric motors.

Maintaining consistent, high-quality, and precise components can be challenging for electric vehicle manufacturers, especially those scaling production. They must ensure parts maintain consistent dimensions and align correctly with tight tolerances. Automation can help manufacturers meet reliability and safety demands with cost-effective and consistent assembly and inspection.

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Manufacturing electric motors for electric vehicles can be challenging, as demand for more reliable and efficient EVs increases. Automating EV motor assembly can help manufacturers cost-effectively scale their operations while maintaining tight tolerances and consistent dimensions, contributing to improved profitability and reliability. AMD’s custom-built automation solutions deliver precise, consistent, and cost-effective rotor assembly and inspection.

AMD has over 25 years of experience and a team of more than 150 skilled technicians and engineers delivering solutions from our Mexican facility. Request a quote to speak with a team member about the automation solution for your application.