Automated Solutions for Consumer Goods

No matter what industry you serve, improving your operational efficiencies is an ever-present challenge. The consumer goods industry is no different. AMD specializes in factory automation and packaging application solutions to help our consumer goods customers increase their sustainability, efficiency, and market competitiveness.

At AMD, we have the skill and experience to support all consumer goods products, including:

  • Shampoos
  • Power drinks
  • Soap and detergent dispensers
  • Hair dyes
  • And more

Common Applications of Consumer Goods Automation

AMD provides custom-built machines that offer turnkey solutions to meet our customers’ automation needs for a variety of applications.

Material Handling

Automation can be used to automate material handling and inspection during the beginning stages of production. Manufacturers are continuously searching for new methods to reduce material waste and save on production costs. Quality control tasks that take place during the material handling phase of production can benefit from automated machine vision systems as they offer more reliability and increased accuracy when compared to manual inspectors.


Automation guarantees precision during the assembly process. Barcode reading, machine vision, and robotic solutions can automate industrial processes and confirm that goods are free of defects. Our automation solutions can handle the toughest verification and inspection challenges to guarantee optimal reliability and precision.


The preform shape of plastic bottles in the heater conveyor belt for manufacturing process. Drinking water bottle manufacturing process.

Packaging inspection in the consumer goods industry is crucial in ensuring safe and quality outgoing products. Manufacturing automation can help provide the inter-system data exchange and oversight necessary to ensure that all your assembled goods are properly-sealed, correctly assembled, tamper-proof, and free of defects to avoid recalls and reworks.


Shipping is one of the most costly elements in your company logistical chain. Automation technology such as vision systems can improve efficiency during package filling. Inspections completed in conjunction with machine vision ensure that shipping containers are appropriately filled, that items are positioned economically within, that there are no missing elements, and that the container is free of flaws or damage prior to shipping.


Appropriately branding your products and shipping containers prior to transport is an important element regarding public perception. Labeling usually occurs during primary or secondary packaging. Torn, ripped, folded, or even misprinted labels can affect the shipment as well as your customers’ experience with your brand. Machine vision is integral to ensuring that labels are applied correctly and free from defect or error.

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