New CNC Machining Services from AMD

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In Advanced Manufacturing Development over the last 25 years, we have learned about the importance of part machining. In our experience building assembly lines for the automation industry, precision, quality, and timing of the machined components are all critical factors when creating a machine. A single mistake can delay the completion of the project or […]

AMD Celebrates 25 Years of Having Passion for Engineering.

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Since 1996 Advanced Manufacturing Development has been providing custom assembly solutions that are tailored to each customer’s particular need and are financially feasible in order to help improve safety, reliability, and profitability. For over 25 years AMD has created cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, implementing only the highest standards in quality, design, and functionality. Positioning itself in […]

machine vision integrator

Considerations When Choosing a Machine Vision Integrator

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Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD) provides turnkey services for your global rollouts by standardizing vision inspection systems, so you can guarantee ship dates and comply with all international and domestic guidelines. We create repeatable solutions, which are tested thoroughly before they roll out nationwide or worldwide. We take standard systems and select the right camera, mechanisms, […]

Robotic System Integrators

Robotic System Integrators


A variety of applications may benefit from the use of robot system integrators. The integration process entails programming and equipping industrial robots to perform automated manufacturing tasks. A robot integrator is a company that works to understand customers’ robotic system requirements, develop automation plans, and put those plans into action.  Functions and Benefits of Robotic […]

Hot plate welding

The Facts About Hot Plate Welding

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What is Hot Plate Welding? Hot plate welding is a method of joining thermoplastic parts in a permanent, molecular, and frequently hermetic bond. During the process, a heated table called a platen is heated to a specific temperature. Next, the two joining surfaces are brought into contact with the platen for a precise amount of […]

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Vision Measuring

What Can Vision Measuring Systems Accomplish?


Numerous industries rely on vision measuring systems as part of quality assurance processes. Vision measuring systems use a camera, lighting source, and intelligent detection software to closely measure the work performed in various processes to ensure it was completed within acceptable parameters. For example, the automotive sector might use a vision measuring system to measure […]


ultrasonic probe testing welding steel for defect inspection ; quality control or assurance ; industrial equipment background

Is Ultrasonic Welding Right For Your Application?

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What is Ultrasonic Welding? Ultrasonic welding is a process for joining together thermoplastics and nonferrous metals. Workers carry out this process on ultrasonic welding machines, loading parts into the device automatically. Once loaded, an ultrasonic sonotrode produces high-frequency vibrations to gently melt the two pieces of material together. After finishing the process, the worker then […]

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laser marking

What You Need to Know About Laser Marking Systems


Laser marking leaves a permanent mark on a surface using a concentrated beam of light. Laser marking includes a wide range of applications that use UV light, green laser, continuous-wave, pulsed, and fiber technology to create concentrated light energy. Fast and easily automated, laser marking can permanently label a range of materials, from paper to […]

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