Since 1996 Advanced Manufacturing Development has been providing custom assembly solutions that are tailored to each customer’s particular need and are financially feasible in order to help improve safety, reliability, and profitability.

For over 25 years AMD has created cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, implementing only the highest standards in quality, design, and functionality. Positioning itself in the automated system integrator industry as a company that adapts to customer specifications and applies the best practices. What set us apart from the competition is how every project is unique to each client’s specifications, with whom we work closely to address the challenges their organization faces today in their assembly line and develop machines that ensure exactly what they envision, with higher quality production, completing tasks efficiently, accurately, and with a high degree of conformity and repeatability.

Through all these years, our success is measured by the performance of our solutions and the satisfaction of our clients. We do not stop until we have ensured the machines meet the desired production requested outputs. Our engineers conduct simulations, provide training on the operating and programming of the equipment to facilitate the integration system into the facility, select the appropriate solutions for specific applications, and provide full-service delivery if necessary.

We have spent years developing our team of professional’s in-depth knowledge of all assembly components, continuously improving, and complying with the applicable regulations. Our experienced engineering team at AMD can construct anything from an individual assembly station to a complete manufacturing line with balance on a technological level and engineering experience. 

As the industry continues to face demand for faster, smarter, and more complex parts, for integrated automation solutions, AMD will keep creating cutting-edge solutions, maintaining our competitive edge and passion for engineering. 


Juan Erdmann, CEO, and founder of AMD stated, “I am delighted that from the beginning I have been able to see how a professional team with years of experience has been formed and keeps growing and thriving. In a quarter of a century, we have managed to consolidate ourselves as a leading company, in which we have developed more than 1500 very exciting and challenging projects. Our team of people is very diverse in many aspects and that shows how we continue to innovate and develop constantly. It is a dream to have created a company where people can share their passion for engineering. To all our clients, thank you for considering us as a supplier for your applications all through these years.”

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