ROIC Considerations of Industrial Automation Equipment for Manufacturing

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Automation equipment can deliver significant value to manufacturing companies if done right. Automation projects should always be justified from a financial standpoint, so it’s important to select a solution that fulfills production needs while being able to minimize costs over the long term. At Advanced Manufacturing Development (AMD), our team has more than 25 years […]

helium leak test equipment

The Ins and Outs of Helium Leak Testing Equipment


Leak testing is critical to manufacturing quality assurance practices and functionality testing for a broad range of pressurized equipment. While there are many leak detection methods, helium vacuum tests offer superior sensitivity and accuracy for identifying common leaks and micro-leaks. Why Use Helium Leak Testing Equipment? Helium leak testing equipment offers a means to detect […]

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Automated Assembly Machines: A Selection Guide

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Assembly line automation allows companies to meet high production demands by performing assembly processes without the intervention of a human operator and moving parts along automated process sequences. Due to the large variety of products that need to be assembled and the different processes each assembly involves, automated assembly machines are almost always custom designed, […]

appliance manufacturing

Automation and the Future of Appliance Manufacturing

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Assembly machines and robotic technology contribute significantly to the appliance manufacturing industry. They’re highly effective in smaller assembly applications, putting together household appliances like toasters, irons, or vacuum cleaners. However, for companies that manufacture high volumes of large white goods like clothes washers or refrigerators, in many cases, robots currently handle only those tasks that […]

Understanding and Reducing Automation Lead Times

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What are lead times? The lead time in manufacturing is the length of the production process, from start to finish. This time frame accounts for various phases, starting with a product order and following it from processing and production to shipping and delivery. As for how to calculate lead time, three main factors affect lead […]


Choosing the Right Automation Equipment

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In the past, adding workers to resolve operational problems was a viable solution for many businesses, but this isn’t the case today. Instead, automation is the solution to lengthening shifts and recent struggles to find employees. With automation, companies can increase efficiency and productivity without increasing labor expenses. When choosing the right industrial automation equipment […]

How Industrial Automation Equipment is Helping to Bring Back Manufacturing to America

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Industrial Automation is Powering and Innovating American Manufacturing Advances in automation technology improve manufacturing techniques and power product innovation by enhancing how components are produced. Due to technology such as adaptive robotics, machine learning, and others, manufacturing processes are currently more refined and inexpensive than in the past. Investing in these technologies has enabled smaller […]

What Is Supply Chain Resilience?

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The COVID-19 pandemic was an eye-opener for many businesses, revealing their supply chains’ limits and vulnerabilities. Supply chain resilience is the capacity of a supply chain to adapt to unforeseen events. Companies with resilient supply chains not only have the capability to adjust rapidly and continue operations in the face of supply chain challenges, but […]

robotic cells

Why Robotic Cells Are the Future of Manufacturing

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A robotic cell, also known as a robotized cell, is a group of machines set within an automatic work cell. The primary purpose of robotic cells is to maximize, accelerate, and simplify the production process so that it attains a high level of repeatability and quality. Unlike human workers or traditional machines, robotic cells are […]

vertical CNC machine

What Is CNC Machining?

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Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a popular manufacturing method that utilizes programmable software dictating the movement of tools or workpieces. Depending on the specific technique, CNC machining can utilize mills, grinders, lathes, drills, routers, and more. Learn more about the features, benefits, and applications of CNC machines. What Is a CNC Machine? A CNC […]