Vision Measuring

What Can Vision Measuring Systems Accomplish?


Numerous industries rely on vision measuring systems as part of quality assurance processes. Vision measuring systems use a camera, lighting source, and intelligent detection software to closely measure the work performed in various processes to ensure it was completed within acceptable parameters. For example, the automotive sector might use a vision measuring system to measure […]


ultrasonic probe testing welding steel for defect inspection ; quality control or assurance ; industrial equipment background

Is Ultrasonic Welding Right For Your Application?

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What is Ultrasonic Welding? Ultrasonic welding is a process for joining together thermoplastics and nonferrous metals. Workers carry out this process on ultrasonic welding machines, loading parts into the device automatically. Once loaded, an ultrasonic sonotrode produces high-frequency vibrations to gently melt the two pieces of material together. After finishing the process, the worker then […]

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laser marking

What You Need to Know About Laser Marking Systems


Laser marking leaves a permanent mark on a surface using a concentrated beam of light. Laser marking includes a wide range of applications that use UV light, green laser, continuous-wave, pulsed, and fiber technology to create concentrated light energy. Fast and easily automated, laser marking can permanently label a range of materials, from paper to […]

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helium leak test equipment

The Ins and Outs of Helium Leak Testing Equipment


Leak testing is critical to manufacturing quality assurance practices and functionality testing for a broad range of pressurized equipment. While there are many leak detection methods, helium vacuum tests offer superior sensitivity and accuracy for identifying common leaks and micro-leaks. Why Use Helium Leak Testing and Detection Equipment? Leak detection equipment offers a means to […]

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