Integrating automated manufacturing equipment into your facility requires a well-developed customer service process that covers you from purchase to implementation and after-sale maintenance. To ensure the success of your automated production project, there are several key components that you should look for in a partner. In addition to maintaining close relationships between engineers and customers, your automated production partner should communicate effectively, collaborate with customers, and offer thorough testing to ensure quality and performance.

Close Relationship Between Engineers and the Customer

The engineer and customer relationship is crucial to implementing an automated production line successfully. This success stems from the engineer’s capacity to address the client’s challenges and meet their production line needs reliably and efficiently. AMD’s engineers collaborate with the customer and make a substantial effort to understand the client’s budget, production objectives, and expectations to successfully establish a relationship.

Our engineers share their design guidance and technical expertise to deliver solutions that align with the client’s constraints, priorities, and expectations at a cost-effective price. We make sure the project adheres to the client’s expectations by providing consistent updates as the project develops. Before a production of a new machine begins, customers have to approve a fully designed machine so it meets all the customers expectations.


Communication is vital for clarifying the client’s preferences and requirements. Miscommunications can result in misunderstandings and a solution that fails to meet the customer’s requirements. At AMD, we rely on seamless communication to create a custom automated production line that adheres to our client’s specifications. We work with a single-point-of-contact approach where the lead engineer will oversee the project all the way from concept to runoff at your facility and he will be responsible for all the communication with the customer.

AMD works closely with customers to understand the fine details and meet their objectives and goals. Our consistent communication keeps the client informed of the project’s progress and potential challenges during the implementation process. This also allows us to get valuable feedback from our customers, which can be used to make the necessary adjustments and improvements to their automated production line.


When AMD collaborates with customers, we are able to deliver the most successful projects. We collaborate with customers throughout the entire project, from machine design to post-installation repair and part replacement services.

Collaboration is vital to successfully implementing automated production lines and requires consistent communication and coordination between people, processes, and components involved in production. This level of collaboration ensures the production line is profitable, productive, efficient, and safe.

Equipment Testing

Successful testing is critical to ensuring the automated production line will meet the client’s expectations. Our in-house equipment testing capabilities offer the following benefits:

  • Machine Debugging: We evaluate the machine’s performance under each possible scenario to ensure everything remains functional and in place. We run the machine for several hours, ensuring we can overcome each potential challenge.
  • Optimize Efficiency: We can identify inefficiencies, malfunctions, and bottlenecks through testing to optimize efficiency and throughput while reducing the production line’s potential downtime.
  • Quality Assurance: Our testing ensures proper calibration of the machine to produce consistent results within the client’s specifications. This helps to minimize defects and provide high levels of quality.
  • Customer Specific Guidelines: We accommodate any testing procedure required by the client.

Automation Equipment From Advanced Manufacturing Development

At AMD, we create innovative manufacturing solutions that improve the reliability and profitability of assembly lines. We offer a range of solutions, from simple machines that replace a single operation, to fully automated manufacturing lines

We have over 100 skilled engineers and have completed more than 1500 projects successfully. For more information about our capabilities, or to learn more about how AMD can ensure the success of your project, contact us or request a quote today.

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