Computer Models and Simulations 

Our engineers have more than 500 years of combined experience building SolidWorks assembly models and simulations. Once AMD has reached a functional design during the development process, we will share a SolidWorks model with your team for your final approval before any manufacturing begins. AMD performs multiple tests using computer simulation to ensure the proposed designs meet desired production outputs. 


Documentation Included

AMD goes above and beyond with the documentation provided with all of our machines at no extra cost. We deliver all the documents needed to operate, service, and maintain the equipment in perfect condition.  AMD provides full support, including sharing all designs with no reservations, sharing and explaining all programs, and any additional details that might help keep the machines up and running. 


All documentation comes standard in English. Although, AMD can provide all the documentation in Spanish if requested.  


Documents included are: 

  • Detailed design of the machine (STEP)
  • Spare set of parts that might experience wear and tare
  • Operating manual with the datasheet for all equipment used
  • Electric diagrams in PDF
  • PLC programs with a guide if necessary 
  • Programs for all special equipment (Laser marker, barcode reader, vision sensors, camera systems, robotic arms, etc.)


AMD can provide full-service delivery in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia, Perú, and others). If required, we can send a specialized team of engineers who speak English and Spanish or a specialized translator for Japanese, German or Italian. 


Post Sales Services and Emergency Solutions

We do not stop after delivering the machine. We stay with you during runoff up to PPAP. We have a team of 100 engineers ready to fly in and provide emergency solutions to ensure production never stops. We provide full support including sharing all designs (we share every single design with you, no reservations), sharing and explaining all programs and any additional details that might help keep the machines up and running.